Advocacy services

What is advocacy?

An advocate is a person who supports and helps you to explain and say what you want if you find it difficult to do by yourself.

Advocates can help you:

  • access information and services
  • be involved in decisions about your life
  • explore choices and options
  • defend and promote your rights and responsibilities
  • speak out about issues that matter to you

Finding an advocate

Hampshire Advocacy are a partnership of 5 community based organisations working together to provide good quality independent advocacy in Hampshire. 

You can also search our community directory for advocacy services.

Statutory advocacy services

Local authorities and health providers have a duty to provide access to advocacy services under the Care Act (to enable everyone to be involved in the social care process) and under the Mental Capacity Act (to help certain people to make specific decisions) and can refer you to one of these services.

Find out about advocacy under the Mental Capacity Act.
Find out about advocacy under the Care Act.

Last reviewed: 11/05/2018

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