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Moving and handling

Back care for carers

Without the right support, carers may be prone to back injuries and back pain, especially if they are caring for someone who needs moving on a regular basis. Older carers are particularly vulnerable.
Your doctor can give you help and advice if your own health is suffering as a result of looking after someone else.
BackCare, the charity for healthier backs, provides information about the causes, treatment and management of back pain. They publish a ‘ Carers guide to safer moving and handling of people’.

Further support

Ask your doctor for advice about lifting and for relevant training. Your doctor may also arrange for an assessment of the mobility needs of the person you are caring for and provide appropriate mobility aids.
If this does not resolve the difficulties, then an Occupational Therapist could carry out a moving and handling assessment at the person’s home.

Information and advice

Information and advice about equipment and adaptations  to help with daily tasks and activities.
Living Made Easy provides practical advice about equipment for moving and handling

Help from Hampshire County Council

If the situation is urgent, or anyone is in immediate need or at risk of injury, then contact Hampshire County Council’s Occupational Therapy Team for an urgent moving and handling assessment.

Last reviewed: 11/05/2018

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