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Going into and leaving Hospital

Read our information and advice about Hospital stays.

Information on health services in Hampshire

Health information and advice on a vast range of conditions and treatments can be found on NHS Choices website.

Health and wellbeing

See our Health and wellbeing information pages for general health and wellbeing advice as well as information about mental health and specific information for those in later life.

Read our information on advice and support for specific conditions and disability.

You can also search our Community Directory for advice and support services - for help with specific needs, including DementiaCancerBereavement and Mental health . If you have are looking for support for a specific condition, type the name of the condition (eg 'arthritis' or 'diabetes') into the search bar.


Read our information about Dementia.

Contact the Hampshire Dementia Advice Service.

There are many local and national organisations and community services listed in our Community Directory who offer help and support with Dementia..