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Training and Employment

Getting help and advice

Your physical and learning disabilities need not prevent you finding a rewarding job. There are organisations which can help you to find training and employment opportunities.

National organisations

You can help help and advice from the Disability Employment Adviser at your Job Centre Plus.

GOV.UK  has information about support, programmes and grants to help you find work if you are disabled. Programmes include Access to Work and Specialist Empoyability Support.

The RNIB  can help you to prepare for and look for work if you have sight loss.

Learndirect  has details of hundreds of online courses that can be undertaken at a time or place to suit your needs.

Local organisations

Enham  offers a wide range of services for people with disabilities, including learning programmes and employment opportunities.

The Beneficial Foundation  provides education and training to adults of all ages who are in need. It aims to assist the disadvantaged, particularly those with learning difficulties and other disabilities.

Yateley Industries  provides supported training and employment for people with disabilities.

The Stable Family Home Trust  runs a personal development programme which aims to help adults with learning disabilities to gain skills.

Action on Hearing Loss has a Specialist Employment Adviser  who works with people who have hearing loss and with BSL users across South Hampshire.

Go to our Community directory to find listings for organisations in Hampshire offering employment support. Click on 'Education, Employment and Volunteering' and then 'Employment support'.


Volunteering makes a positive impact in your community but it can also have many benefits for you. Volunteering can enable you to learn new skills. You can meet new people and gain valuable experience that you can take into your future career. It also gives you the chance to find out which types of work interest you or try something completely different.
Here are some ideas for volunteering opportunities in Hampshire.

Hampshire volunteering opportunities

You can find volunteering opportunities with Hampshire County Council and other local organisations on the Council’s volunteering web page.

National volunteer database

Find thousands of volunteering opportunities on the  Do-it volunteer database.

Volunteering for older or disabled people

Age Concern Hampshire  has a team of nearly 400 dedicated volunteers. They come from all walks of life to offer friendship, support and information to their service users.

Volunteer at a peer support group or become a Dementia Ambassador with  Dementia Friendly Hampshire

Home Library Service  volunteers take books to people who are not able to make the journey for themselves.

Befriending offers supportive, reliable relationships to people who would otherwise be socially isolated. Hampshire Good Neighbours Support Service  supports independent voluntary groups which offer neighbourly help to people in their local communities.

Computer equipment for disabled people

The use of specialist equipment can make it easier for disabled people to use a computer for work or educational activities.
The Disabled Living Foundation’s website Living Made Easy  has information about computers and other equipment to assist you.

AbilityNetis a national charity which helps disabled people to use computers and the internet by adapting and adjusting their technology. They also have a set of guides My Computer My Way  for setting up adapted modes (such as text to speech, large print and switch access).

Aidis Trust  provides free and impartial advice and support on technology for disabled people.
Some equipment may qualify for VAT relief . The supplier will be able to tell you.

Hampshire Superfast Broadband - If your property is not included in the current superfast broadband programme and you can only access a speed of 2Mbps or less, there is a government scheme in place to help you access better broadband.

Other job sites

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