Public and Community transport

Where to find information

Hampshire County Council’s passenger transport website gives useful information about public, community and voluntary transport around the county. They also produce a number of useful travel guides. You can contact Passenger Transport on 0300 555 1388 or email them.

You can also check out public transport information and plan your journey on the Traveline website.

You can find accessibility information about individual stations on the National Rail website.

Low floor bus services

Bus services are increasingly being operated by low floor buses, many of which are accessible to wheelchair users. The driver can usually lower the front of the bus to make getting on and off easier.

Ask your local bus company whether your service is operated by low floor buses.

Taxishare and carshare schemes

In areas where bus services have been withdrawn, a number of services have been introduced using taxis or private hire cars. These operate to a timetable but you must book your seat in advance. Concessionary passes are accepted for free travel, in a similar way to travel by bus. Some services use wheelchair-accessible taxis.

‘Cango’ public bus services

All Cango buses have easy-access, low floor doors, are wheelchair accessible and can pick up people who have mobility problems near to their homes. Cango bus services operate around Andover and between New Milton, Sway and Lymington in the New Forest. Concessionary passes are accepted for free travel.

‘Dial a ride’ and ‘Call & Go’

These services provide door to door transport using specially adapted minibuses.

Dial a Ride is for people who find it difficult or impossible to use public transport because they are frail or disabled. Call & Go is similar but is also available to people whose travel needs are not met by local bus services. The minibuses can accommodate wheelchair users and people with walking aids.
Dial a Ride operates in: Alton, Andover, Basingstoke, Bishops Waltham, Eastleigh Borough, Fareham, Gosport, Romsey, Rushmoor and Winchester districts.
Call & Go operates in: East Hampshire, Hart (called “Fleet Link”), Havant and New Forest.

Journey Assistance Cards

You may need a little extra help whilst making your journey on public transport. It could be, for example, that you have trouble seeing or hearing or you need time to reach your seat. If you do not feel comfortable speaking to the driver in front of other people to ask for assistance, you may find it helpful to use a Journey Assistance Card. You can print out and use these cards to show the driver, in a discreet way, what help you may need. Journey Assistance Cards 

N.B. These are not 'official' cards recognised by all operators and we cannot guarantee that you will receive the assistance you are asking for. Some bus operators, however, such as the First group, do produce these cards and drivers have undertaken awareness training.

Other transport options

• View a list of local  Disabled Friendly Taxis and Private Hire Operators
• If you are unable to find public or community transport solutions, your local Good Neighbours group may have volunteer drivers who are able to help.

Last reviewed: 21/04/2016