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NHS  Services and Advice

NHS website

The NHS website is the largest health and care website in Europe with a wealth of information, including: 

A to Z of conditions and treatments
Services search (eg GP, Pharmacists, dentists)

If you have a dental emergency call 111.

NHS 111

If you are unsure whether an illness or minor injury needs to be dealt with at A&E, call 111.  A team of advisers, supported by trained paramedics and nurses, will assess your symptoms, provide relevant advice and direct you to the right local service at that time. The service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

999 is for emergencies only.

Help from your local pharmacist

Pharmacists aren't just there for prescriptions
Getting advice from a local pharmacist is the best first step for a minor health concern. They can help you with:

  • Common illnesses like sore throats, coughs, colds, stomach troubles and aches and pains.
  • Stopping smoking and alcohol

Most local pharmacists have consultation rooms for private conversations and are open until late and at weekends. You don't need an appointment - you can just walk in.

Find your local pharmacist and see what times they are open.

NHS Walk-in centres and Minor Injuries Units

NHS Walk-in centres (WICs) are usually managed by a nurse and are available to everyone. You do not need an appointment. Most centres are open 365 days ayear and outside office hours. Some newly opened centres may offer different opening hours during their first few months.

Some NHS WICs offer access to doctors as well as nurses. However, they are not designed for treating long-term conditions or immediately life-threatening problems.

NHS information  on Walk-in centres

Find your nearest NHS Walk-in centre

A wide range of minor injuries are treated at Minor Injuries Units (MIU) 365 days a year, including broken bones and eye injuries. Minor Injuries Units do not treat minor illnesses. You should see your GP for this or visit a Walk-in centre (see below).

NHS information about MIUs

Find your nearest MIU

Out of Hours

The Out of Hours service is available when your GP surgery is closed and is only for urgent health problems that can’t wait until your surgery reopens. The service operates at night, over the weekend and on Bank Holidays. It is not designed for the request or collection of repeat prescriptions; your GP surgery will handle these.

If you call your GP surgery, the answerphone message will always include an out of hours contact number. Alternatively, if it is not an immediate emergency, you can call NHS 111.

Check the latest NHS Service information.


Emergency Departments treat people with critical or life-threatening problems.

Local Emergency Departments can be found at:

Information to help yourself

Here for you Hampshire provides advice on common symptoms, illnesses and injuries, as well as information on the support available to you when you are feeling unwell.

Patient has an NHS approved database of patient information leaflets on almost every conceivable condition as well as an online symptom checker and forums.

Take the How Are You?  quiz created by Public Health England for an overview of your current health and wellbeing.

This BMI calculator can show you whether you're a healthy weight for your height, and if you're overweight. It also advises what your daily calorie range should be so you can lose weight.

Take the online heart age test  to see what your risk of getting heart disease or stroke is. 

Find out if you're at risk of kidney disease with this quick and simple test.  

Find out if you're at risk of type-2 diabetes with this quick and simple test.

NHS approved health and fitness trackers

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